Case Studies

Luxury Marina

This client was looking for SDS’s expertise with their wireless network for coverage across the entire marina and all boat slips and dock locations.

SDS performed wireless surveys and provided a custom installation plan to fit their specific needs. They worked using exterior materials and products for installation on their docks to withstand adverse weathering yet be aesthetically pleasing to the high-end environment.

Project Details:

  • Assigned Project Management for day to day customer interaction 
  • Material consulting, acquisition, kitting and management
  • Floor plan markup  
  • Pre-calls to site or construction contact
  • Onsite and remote dispatch and support of Technicians, Electricians, Engineers, Installers, etc.
  • Call center tracking of technician ETA
  • Call center technician check-in on site with site questions
  • Call center updates of technician progress on site
  • Site completion form signed and finished 
  • Call center onsite technician check-out with completion questions
  • As built with post-installation information
  • Customer customized project reporting
  • Customer customized billing reporting 
  • Technology consulting 
  • Wireless architecture and design infrastructure planning services 
  • Network architecture design and deployment 
  • Research and development in emerging technologies 
  • Operational and information technology security consulting 
  • Multiple phases and visit scope
  • Extensive location and technology surveys 
  • Customer equipment management 
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